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Dedicated to fun!

Jason Corn

Co-Owner and Business Manager

Billy Sander

Co-Owner and Programming Manager

Kelvin Cochrane

Director Of Music

Ali Richardson

Lead Music Instructor

Max Van Kooy

Party and Class Lead

Amanda Hedrick

Event Manager

Damon Cowen

Executive Assistant

Madeleine Mackin

Music Instructor

Our Value

Embracing Our Philosophy: The Rhythms Of Learning

Discover ‘The Rhythms of Learning,’ our unique approach where music, movement, and imagination intertwine to inspire and nurture every young mind.

Harmony In Development: Music, Movement, Imagination,

Our classes blend music with physical movement, fostering motor skills, rhythm, and coordination, while nurturing a love for musical expression.

Emotional Growth

Through group activities and playful interactions, we encourage emotional growth, teamwork, and empathy, ensuring each child's social and emotional development is as vibrant as their physical and musical skills..

Imaginative Play

Central to our ethos, we inspire creativity and imagination through engaging storytelling and interactive play, laying the foundation for lifelong learning and creativity.

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